No Man's Land (Single)

by Common Labor

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When I first heard "No Mans Land" it was a bonus track without a name, which gave it that mysterious vibe. Even the opening of the song has a hypnotizing and strange feel to it that hooked me right away. First and foremost, I'm a fan of hidden tracks and bonus songs, ala Aesop Rock "Pigs" at the end of 'None Shall Pass', Green Day "All By Myself" at the end of 'Nookie'. The last track is the closing of a good book and should rightfully complement the albums ending, even though this track is more or less "unlisted" and not so much "hidden" it very well is the ending of the album the way Common Labor intended, in my opinion. ... the hook says it all "How do you leave when you have no exit?"
-- Rob from the "Thank You Rob Podcast"
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This haunting song can originally be found at the end of the physical copy of "Tales of the Troubadours" - Common Labor's debut album.



released November 17, 2013

Words and Lyrics: Analyrical & Phingaz
Banjo, Guitar, Bass, Programming and Kalimba: Jason "Phingaz" Brown
Kalimba recorded on an iPhone: Phingaz
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered:
Bob "The Pro Tools Terrorist" Lindberg at Gravebomb Studios.



all rights reserved
Track Name: No Man's Land
So conjure, wander, build that bridge
Or try to walk steady on a baseless grid
Keep thoughts heavy in the place they sit
only cuz that's where we say they live
The wise man say "No man is an island"
But which wise man's paradigm is behind it
From this rock that I stand, stand rocking to and from
What I am now, and yet to become
Play sports, take course, baby swell that brain
Fun in the sun is always self-contained
Reach out, beatdown, zero gonna even out
Vacancy a place to breathe, that's what it be about
When a breath becomes struggle
Lungs fill with water till they need an air bubble
They burst through, despite the trouble
Swim hard to get to dry land, but the jungle is tougher than blue ocean sand.

How do you leave when you have no exit
How do you stay when your soul never stepped in
Left, Right, Up, Down; no dimension
Time is the constant; no suspension
How do you leave when you have no exit
How do you stay when your soul never stepped in
Left, Right, Up, Down; no dimension
Time is the constant; no direction

No Feel
No Touch
No Speed
No Rush
No Room
No Space
No Form
No Face
No Way
No How
No In
No Out
No Plan
No Style
No Calm
No Wild

Everyday, same channel, same panel, same viewership
The human id is stuck inside a rudiment
The hamster spins wheels while reality deals
Fate laughs with purpose, while passion turns heels
Catch an ear, auditory segments get infected
Let me hear, every sentence with intention
Defiant miss-placings, root complications
But sound ring silent when scream's complaisant
Eyes ticking, mind switching, slight twitching, 
Fight slipping, life missing, blind prism, strike hindrance, FIND VISION
Escape prison, to behold new freedom
But it turns out, you don't really need it
Who you are is who you aren't
Who you were is how you start
What you think change in a blink
What you need change what you seek
Came in the door, said it before
Energy to feed, so you fed it some more


No See
No Hear
No Brave
No Fear
No Stop
No Go
No Hot
No Cold
No Sign
No Blank
No Fly
No Wait
No Line
No Wall
No Climb
No Fall