Tales of the Troubadours

by Common Labor

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Analyrical and Phingaz are: Common Labor

An organic combination of sound and improvisation. Common Labor grew out of a 48 hour marathon recording session, taking the energy normally reserved for weeks of recording and brainstorming and cramming it as little time as possible; Common Labor aim to keep the listener engaged. With unique instrumentation, thought provoking lyrics and a no limits outlook, Common Labor will delight fans of Hip-Hop, Rock and Alternative.


released January 23, 2013

Phingaz wrote and played the Instruments.
Analyrical and Phingaz wrote and performed all the Lyrics.
Phingaz mixed it.
Bob "The Pro Tools Terrorist" Lindberg mastered it at Gravebomb Studios.
Artwork, Layout and Design by Anthony Sclavi and Courtney Bomkamp
Egypto said this was a good idea.
Words & Music published by This Music is Sootable (ASCAP)



all rights reserved
Track Name: Dust Storm
Riding thru the dust storms way out in the wild
If you're heading there then I gotta ask why tho?
Cows running past it's a method of survival
Never see the dusk cuz it's clouded by the nightfall
It's cold in the air, the sun sets
It's warm in her stare, she won't rest
Reaches down her hand, fills it up with sand
Testing the current in this desolate land
Soulless and scared, what do you run for?
You can always find peace in the center of a dust storm
The Breeze blows quick and the face feels numb
That pain that hits like the snap of a steel drum

Anticipation, mixed with hesitation, running from it now
seems lost in motivation.
Chasing the storm leaves burns in your form
never forget to wear the weather you have worn.
Will you or won't you the process to go through
The complex, the simple but the middle still holds you
Until the seconds tick and you risk you're whole truth
Heaven in the wreckage or hell if you broke loose
Soulless and scared, what do you run for?
You can always find peace in the center of a dust storm
The decisions been made, it's time to kiss fate
close your eyes open wide reality fades.

The tension is rising, I'm grinding my teeth
The storm is now calming, but I still can't breathe
Let me in, oh please let me in

Right back in it in a minute, such addiction
The force is too strong with the mind, get the friction
Front or behind steady caught up in the tension
Have a strong spine when the eyes sip the windspin
For that brief, brief moment, you didn't feel hopeless
Teardrops fall now they mix with the motion
It hurts, it stings you've destroyed everything
You can't carry on so you rip at the seams
Soulless and scared, what do you run for?
You can always find peace in the center of a dust storm

Returns to your lungs
Off in the distance you still see the sun
Track Name: The Middle March
No more happy-go-lucky on a whack track
More just happy-dope-drumming on a rap track
Scratch that, I'm just gonna go and keep it pure
To build a forest, im pretty sure you need a cure
Ground up, time for us to bounce up
I found what kills us and normally just frowns us
Drowns us, no more we have a fresh breath
Every song that phingaz and I do feels like the best yet

We on a jet yes, we on a 740
It's got some headrests, and no authorities
It's in the clouds right, It's in the heavens too
To give a smile is to take and make a clever use
Never move then never do and that is just depressing news
So I can flip it mold it and dole it to a domestic truth
If you're happy then, show it to us all
And if you're not, then get that ass up off the wall

So go and lead the platoon
The future's all up to you
And can't you see so blatantly
That we are not meant this apathy
All day All Night
(Sunrise, Sunshine, Sunset)
Face up, Don't Hide
(We do it all in one breath)
Cause you will achieve more than capacity
You will always make your reality

And if it's cloudy then make a reign
drop claims stop pain but do not complain
Jump to your feet all gotta eat
be the best that star elite
Never bask in our defeat
You will be what you want to be
Sweet Sentiments are only in the sincere
Never tell or dwell on how you get here
I think you always fear, whenever new appears
Rapping to young ears, Grabbing the funk near
Back to the frontier, back to the fun years
The day the earth stood still, He'll never forget it,
Forgetting time and space, but never the place, fear on his face
His previous status erased, the day he stood with kings
He fell from grace
The power - is coursing through his veins
Empowered - he knew he had to rearrange
Un-caged, he never felt like this before
Where once was a wall now an unlocked door


A god amongst men, a moral among gods
A shattered glass house, catch a glimpse through the fog
He once though, he'd rally against the odds, party up his ranks and carry on
It's easy it seamed, to do as he sees, sees contradicting but he sees something - he heard her sing once, now he caught the bug, he says hes in love, so what the F-.
He drummed up the courage, to march up to the ruins, rebuild what was ruined, hold tight to what he's doing, loose sight of false movements, withhold himself truant, from all his lost students, reclaim what was useless.
Because his ranks grow thicker and thickest the last sentence he breathed before he fell to his knees, he calls out to his infantry "I believe, I believe, I believe happiness is everything that I see."
Track Name: Burn Down The Old School
Humans made the wheel, what a brilliant plan
Next thing ya know, we got a minivan
The gas price rises up to the stars
So nowadays you pay for a hybrid car
So Shake-up, simple task won't you wake-up
Mental make-up disguised by your make-up
Make-up anything that you wish to
Civil turned fickle and won't face the issue

Oh, Oh I know - that we could
Build it, or dream it, or burn it on to the ground
Oh, Oh I know - that we don't
Want it, don't need it, Believe it we
Burn Down The Old School

You live day-to-day on a private farm
But now they pick fruit with bionic arms
I'm lazy as hell, no doubt about it
Was never satisfied with my allowance
We drink that air where the water's clean
Break old habits start a new routine
Forget about all those trend machines
Cuz we already on to the next thing!


Building up to break it so why the hell did you make it?
Tear it off again, to the skin, start naked
Steal a creation, fill in other replacements
Carry false whims in the lens, dark vacant
One part stem cell, Old part sits well
Sold hearts in hell, Go Far, skip self
We evolve, dissolve in the same pool
Live for right now, but how could I blame you?

Track Name: Here For You Too (Dreamer of Dreams)
I dream of many things
Most that I learned from you
I'm on a mental sting
Hoping to find the truth
I heard your voice and let the words crash against me
Advice in sacrifice but the tank is never empty
I knew you held it high, the way you killed a rhyme
The way you made it, created like it was built to shine
I hung my head upon everything you said
and it was stuck inside my breath and even every single step
But I leapt,
and I trusted all your insight
The way that you lead me and taught me, it's always been right
I hold your music as a muse to my own
and you influenced this student to go and choose the microphone
And no regrets, we progress with this artform
we take it to the max, living sounds in hardcore
And I could see it in the words that you speak
Yes mikey, you were the dreamer of dreams

Hopes, Dreams, Scenes, Mind
Peace, Please, Be, Mine.
Hopes, Dreams, Scenes, Mind
Peace, Please, Be, Mike.

I hope you can hear this, I hope you can feel this
The best thing you taught me in life, was to be fearless
I understand, it's okay to be hopeless, wonder through The Void
Take The Void By The Throat less I sit down
And embrace the lack of focus
Take it all in an react to the moment, I truly believe
The angels met you, you danced your dance and they let you pass through.
A bunch of grey matter riding on the Carbon Carousel,
I know you found heaven but you left us in hell,
Imprinted on us all with the lessons of hope, love and lost,
but the absence of you is too much.
Exhausted by love with your words inside my head,
I could never Forget You, or anything you said so I walk on,
With ideas in my hand,
I'm here for you, all ya gotta do is ask man.


The one thing you taught me -
Engage in my surroundings, never stop the quest to find something astounding.
The one thing you taught me -
How to write a song the stage that never fades, find a way to carry on
The one thing you taught me -
Never stop thinking, a boat without ideas is a boat that's really sinking.
The on thing you taught me -
How to live my life the positivity within the darkness of the night
The one thing you taught me -
Respect your self image, the worlds a changing place gotta find your fit in it.
The one thing you taught me -
How to stretch the mind performing calesthenics with a mental exercise
The one thing you taught me -
Connection philosophy, every drop of life, connected by a poxy
The one thing you taught me -
How to speak the truth you are who you are, just by being you

Track Name: Learning
You said I can't do this
I said yes we can
Now I'm feeling foolish
Walking with an empty hand

I felt every single cry in your whisper
I felt pain on the day you spoke
I was never a very good listener
Too busy making jokes
Too wrapped up in my own life
My health, and my music too
I wanted sex, but none of the rest
You left, cuz that's what you needed to do
I should have stayed focus, should've known what I had
But the promise of a different life tore me from that
I laid tracks, laid hearts, made art, made path
Strange marks, they mask, pain as, plain dark
Shadows in my sunrise, Battles for my fun time
But any second not working just another crunch I
Hold close to thought of a get back
Forget that, the impact's a big crash

You said I can't do this
I said yes we can
Now I'm feeling foolish
Walking with an empty hand
I never learned how to make you happy
I need to learn how to show my self
I need to learn how to be a better boyfriend
But sometimes love is like

What I wanted was a half-way game show
The hope with none of the results
The orange juice without the pulp
The light of room without the bulb
The push of free, without the pull
But now it's me, and here I sulk
The past is a beacon, a lesson-filled demon
But use all of the teachings and then keep proceeding
Leading your own trip, pack your life safely
A mountain is a grip, don't climb it at breakspeed
Take heed, Take warning or take nothing at all
But don't kid yourself that emotions aren't involved
We live our lives with heavy hearts
Measured parts of give and take
Get a chance, make a stand
And let it play
Don't say what you feel then how can you complain
Cuz being real is only real coming from your veins
The secret of a courtship, is just that a secret
Each person you date gets a shot to reveal it

You said I can't do this
I said yes we can
Now I'm feeling foolish
Walking with an empty hand
I never learned how to make you happy
I need to learn how to show my self
I need to learn how to be a better boyfriend
But sometimes love is like poison

It's too hard to suck out the poison
It's too hard to trust in you
But all this hurt I've been avoiding
I grabbed on and busted through
I made flowers out of shit on a dark day
I built happiness without any armstrength
I found joy in the fact I breathe
And you can never take that away from me!!!
Track Name: Pull Me
Pull me close like a magnet
Pull the force to make it happen
Like a puppet, you must entertain
Cuz apathy is such a playful thing

You want me to care well i wish you were there
Pull me to you, but you're so unaware
Pull on my brain, and i'll pull the insane
With nothing but roughage and full of complaint
This is an exercise
To pull on desires and jeapordize
The way that you think and the way that you crave
Pull me to fail and I'm pulling away

Pull me to dark, pull me to sting
Pull out the cards, I can do anything
Pull out the heart, pull on the strings
Pull out the art, pull me to sing


Smoking a cigarette, standing on the corner
My heart pulls to her, I'm a live organ donor
She takes one drag, puckers her lips
She blows me a kiss, it's my soul that shes missed
A hamster in the wheel, I can't stay here but I can't sit still
Smiles with her eyes, she gives me a wink
She knows that I'm lying I could never retreat

Pull me to cold, Pull me to heat
Pull at the folds I can do anything
Pull out the soul, pull on the strings
Pull out the art, pull me to sing.

Track Name: One Time
The Energy is U and I
Unify, do or die, who could fly? Well who would try?
Who besides the calibrated, activated, acclimated
The uniformed, so ignored, self-implored, Bored
Check the creeks up in the board
And underneath is what ya see and what you need it for
Meet me in the Center, stir the epicenter
Verbalize the Certain tide and let the wave purify
We burn it at both ends with no extinguisher
Jump out, but without ever seeming sure
So afraid that what we release is pure
So afraid that we can't face what we seek to stir
It breeds immature, but that's the insecure
And that's the inner nerve
That will always be disturbed
And will never be heard
And will dominate the common trait that keeps us so demure
Put yourself out there, walk along the plank
Wants are so innate, but we just want to relate
Try to keep it straight, but our brains they segregate
Try to lift the weight while we holding heavy plates
Too much running and not enough communication
When it's done, no fun, the rudeness gets awakened
For all the judgment and the way that we forsake it
But one impression is enough to keep us so complacent
Keep us so sedated, jaded mentally inebriated
We stop ourselves and always play the deviation
A firm belief in our creation, but a brings me to a statement
What exactly are we making?

We are made for each other
We are all here to help
Without one another
Then we got nobody else
We all need to think
And we all need to dream
Without a love for life
Then we don't mean a thing

Look at us, Look at us
Now we must rise
Look at us, Look at us
Sitting up high
Drink from the well
Til the bucket runs dry
But we make it happen
One trust, one time

It goes
Too much toast, not enough jam
when the world gets heavy you have a helping hand - understand
You are one being, there is not one man.
Too much reach, not enough sand
when the world falls short you are the helping hand - understand
we are one people there is no one plan.

We are made for each other
We are all here to help
Without one another
Then we got nobody else
We all need to think
And we all need to dream
Without a love for life
Then we don't mean a thing

Look at us, Look at us
Now we must rise
Look at us, Look at us
Sitting up high
Drink from the well
Til the bucket runs dry
But we make it happen
One trust, one time
Track Name: Running Away
I can feel the sunrise but it don't feel warm, just specs from the light bringing stress to the life
I can feel us all hope that we don't conform, but try as we might, we just peasants in line
I'm too far gone to ever think that a path is the one you should choose, we all got something to lose
All in, fallout, small grin, tall clout, big dreams, small hill, slick schemes, no chance
Both hands on the wheel, both eyes on the road. No plans for a deal, it's time that ya fold
Old man got an ear for the light side of madness
But lives knowing crazy's just a pre-paid package
Savage bastards don't give and receive
We just a gunshot away from a christmas eve
I play the part of the watcher and the critic, jotting down thoughts every 15 minutes
Killing every cynic with a self-made image
who thinks that time well spent is time well-intentioned
Y'all better never mention the name, if you think that hating cats is just part of the game.
You live in vein, you just remain a simple plain pane, shit-stain talking out his lame frame just so he can get brains
Never lived on this plain, can't really explain
How he ever made it to the peaks on this day

Live free, Die Young
Use Z's Right Up'
Routine Line-up
True Speech dries up
we spend these days
Just Running Away

I see the sunset drawing from the peak of the mountain
Chin-Check, Respect in Equal Amounts then
I don't believe in evolution
I believe in retribution
I believe we've been deceived into our execution
Technology-phase from a polymer base
Give a pyschology face
we not a tolerant state
we just a property praise
we just a lottery stake
Just a lobotomy case
We just a lotta mistakes
Need to fix and Improve
Trying to work out the kinks
Kill the glitch in the groove
Try to build up the sphinx
Get in rich with the tunes
I can feel it slip-sink
With the switch of a mood
I can build up the tension with a wire and cold heart
State of self-prevention, can't allow ourselves to go far
So Far, So Good
We Break bread or break wood


Living One For Moment, Two For The Romance
Three For The Feeble Self-Esteem given no chance
Four for the harmony and Five For the drumbeat
Killing every dream in the scheme living monthly
6 for the Devil and 7 for the snakepit
8 for the Crazy State of Flux that we came in
9 for the best yet, 10 for the long tow
Not a dime a dozen, but we still at the crossroads

In the middle of the night we bring the civil to the light
In the dark of the clouds shoot a spark to the moon
In the middle of its flight see a symbol in its sight
Which imparts with a sound that could make God Swoon
The gossip, The ethic, The Credit, The countdown
The silence of the street that could make a party drown out
Lyrics on the page, but ideas still drawn out
All my creatures, this is nightlife crawl out
Balls out, we front on the brass
Do our night to night like we cutting the grass
Busting ass with a tongue lash fast to cut class
the crass get uprooted, the passionate run past
cuz they got nothing to lose
You either live how you want it or you suffering through
You going for the gold or you slipping on the track
But no matter where you're at you can never turn back

Track Name: Images
I can say a lotta venom if i want to, and if I want to
I'll stain this track
Save an act, no let em drown, never step around
challenges abound,stress the sound best address 'em now,
I heard you talking all the way
How much cockiness can fit in one day?
How much energy is needed to be dealing with the feelings
you erased, better check the pace, leatherface
Rawhide, glamour, Glitz, ball size
The truth is in you, but we always see the false side
Small Cries, Big Cheers, hands up, braindead
Love that swagger, but never care what they said
There's no such thing as a mirror.
Only windows, so take a look
at my soul.

I hope that image shatters on the ground(shatters on the ground)
I hope that image turns you around (turns you around)
How many tales can the truebadours unveil
How many songs til a movement starts
You can make the lyrics crazy as hell
But when is it Garbage and when is it art?

You a hard-ass huh?
A real ballbuster
Your way or the highway, watch your friends all suffer
Watch em plan a revolt, hands full of repulse
Final Frontier where the fear is a weak pulse
Please show a sense of your duty
Admit your mistakes and ditch the ingrate
Interlaced with inner traits that invade the innate
Intimate the inlaid that innovate the innerspace
We're all just living on a line
We're here together but you're on your one of a kind
Too needy, Too Greedy, Too Stubborn
The realness in you always hidden undercover


It's a simple damn question, "How much are you respecting?"
Yourself? Your life? Or those who give you all your blessings.
Testing my patience, through self degradation.
A fundamental flaw in the human situation.
I'm asking for help, I can't do it by myself
Keep your mind greedy
This is not about wealth
Keep your mirror clean - it's everyday maintenance
Make it a habit on the steps to greatness
I'm not saying there's no way to cut loose,
It's all in moderation - less your lies become truth
If it hurts too much, then tell me who are you?
With nothing to hold onto, no parachute
Stop jumping - all these bridges
Stop digging - all these ditches
Cause if you're saying your the best, best remember your roots
There's always someone better than - you.
Track Name: The Tale of the Troubadours
One eye open and the ashes still burn
Cedar chip floor with the dirt and the worms
Face all crusted from the treaches of the road
Pick up all possessions, it's time for us to go
The dawn creeps close I can feel her tight grip
Clench around my neck in a white knuckled fist
It's been 37 minutes since my last cigarette
We never get a second to stop and catch a breath
Coats buttoned tight, and the boots laced up
Can't quite remember that last paystub
Weapons held close and the safety off lock
Don't know the thought of calm, cuz the threat is nonstop
The ignorant beast - Always had it coming
The liar and the thief - Always had it coming
The blasphemous leech - They always had it coming
Now sweet deaths release - is what they get from us.
The fear of the unknown never goes away
We run into the wicked almost every single day
Don't care where your from, do care how you tread
If the heart becomes rotten, then bang bang your dead
Some who disagree with the way we do business
And that's a quick trip to the top of they shit list
At last we spoke, the words we not sincere
The wolf's been on our tail for the last 3 years.
They always come close, but they can't quite find
Chasing through the maze, always one step behind
Wanna get it done, better change up the measures
Most of you criminals can't take the pressure
You gotta see - there's a flaw in the system
For everyone taken another goes missing
It's a battle that we're in and the battle doesn't quit
We won't be staying long cause the pieces don't fit.

Decide who to punish - he always had it coming
That lives that you judging - he always had it coming
The hypocrite statement - he always had it coming
Religious based matrix - he always had it coming

Keep the mirrors clean - You always have it coming
Challenge your regime - You always have it coming
Be careful what you teach - You always have it coming
Because we aren't what we preach - We always had it coming

The image draws clear I can see my true fear
A reflection of self stands far to near
This one has to be the worst I knew it all along
My partner in crime, he helped me grow strong
We know each other well, extensions of our-self
To get where we are, I needed your help
The peas of the pod living in the mental cell
Goodnight my friend, I'll see you in hell
I take two small steps towards the man I know best
By the end of the night, he'll be laid to rest
That one that you know is the one that takes your soul.
We needed we to make me feel whole

In a split second, the teacher is the maker
The circle is complete, you are your own savior
Side by side we see our own figures
Turn our guns on each other and both pull the trigger